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Many Canadians cannot obtain critical illness insurance on their own. These types of applications tend to be highly scrutinized and often declined. As an employer, by offering group critical insurance in your employee benefits program, you instantly provide your employees with additional peace of mind.


Companies that show their employees how much they are valued are those that benefit from higher morale and improved productivity in the long-term.

Helping You Make the Best Decisions

There are many insurance companies who offer group critical insurance and all provide coverage for stroke, heart attack and cancer, but after these three illnesses, policies vary widely. The number of additional illnesses covered differs from company to company and coverage can end with the primary policyholder or extend to spouses and children. In some cases, the insurance company you go through may require that all eligible employees participate whereas for others, it is optional.

IBMG Canada helps you efficiently and effectively navigate through the often confusing insurance market to help you make the best decision for your business and your employees.