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IBMG Gives

Water Ambassadors Canada is a registered Canadian humanitarian water agency.  We drill and repair wells, install water chlorination and filtration systems, distribute Sawyer filters and teach hygiene.  We work in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Belize, Colombia, Brazil, DR Congo and some work in Uganda and Kenya. We have also worked with our partners, WaterStep, in Louisville KY assisting in disaster relief in Haiti, The Philippines, Nepal and Ecuador.

The Foundation was founded by the Ackerman Family led by Raye and Denise Ackerman. The Ackerman’s are truly passionate about ensuring that inner city kids graduate from high school at the right course level and with the correct tools at their disposal to be successful at whatever post secondary studies they move on to.

Ultimately, the desire was for these kids to have access to tutors and mentors throughout their high school years and truly Learn how to Learn. This includes proper note taking, study habits and comprehension skills in math and English.