Going Live – October 31st!

Truly exiting times in amalgamating our new clients and friends at Murtaugh Smith Insurance (MSI) into IBMG Canada. A simple task but challenging to execute with managing a change in culture, organizational structure, new office space, technology and re-engineering new processes and procedures to increase our speed of service deliveries to our customers.

Our first day is coming up where we will make true on the closing of the MSI office on the Danforth after a near 30 year presence in the area. We will be located at the Lawrence subway stop or one traffic light North of Lawrence on the East side above the UPS store. The address is 3219A Yonge Street in beautiful Lawrence Park North. Please feel free to drop by and see our new digs!

As originally shared in our communication with you; John Murtaugh has retired and doing what he loves best in traveling the world’s most exotic and interesting places. Brien Smith who was to stay with us on a one year employment contract has gone on long term disability because of his Parkinson’s condition and will not be joining us on the 31st. We again at IBMG want to extend our sincere gratitude to both John and Brien for entrusting us to care for MSI. Our number one priority is to make sure that the goodwill that they created continues forever.

We have ported the MSI phone number to IBMG and currently all phone calls are received at our new offices.

In the meantime, please feel free to give David Des Roches or myself a call with any questions that you have with this transition as we are totally committed to seek to exceed your customer experience with our office.

With gratitude

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

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