Happy New Years

Well 2011 is in the bag and what a year it has been at IBMG. Our year began with negotiations to acquire the operations of Murtaugh Smith Insurance (MSI). We succeeded in closing that transaction on July 25th, 2011. The work then began to amalgamate the two companies into one and we closed the MSI office on the Danforth after a 28 year presence in the area. Our live date of the amalgamated companies was October 31st, 2011 facing challenges that any acquisition presents with technology, HR, architectural workflows and change management. Our re-injection of energy into our client services and our commitment to seek to exceed expectations have been met and we are currently well positioned to meet our daily service to our clientele.

So what does 2012 hold for IBMG on a go forward basis? Stay tuned to the introductions of a number of initiatives such as IBMG clothing apparel, client appreciation days at Mosport Racetrack with our friends at Engineered Automotive and our own special interest automobile car show! Of course our focus from a business perspective will continue to grow our brand by purchasing another insurance brokerage and hiring new producers that we can mentor and help in reaching their maximum potential.

We will continue to feed into our core values and beliefs of caring for our fellow man by encouraging and empowering our staff to greatness; fostering our total commitment to our clients for excellence in our service deliveries and old fashion hard work. As we continue to move forward in our respective journeys we want to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunities to be of service to you with an appreciation for your trust in our insurance advice.

In the meantime let us be mindful of the life that we are so fortunate to live in a land of peace and privileges that few around the world get to enjoy.

Have an outstanding year!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO
“Designed for greatness, created for eternity”

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