Unlucky Snowfall

Snowy Friday the 13th…

Last Friday January 13th, 2012 we all woke up to a snow storm. Our drive into our respective workplaces was snowy, icy and treacherous to some and to others not so bad who chose public transportation. Some just stayed home to work from their respective locales, reducing the chances of an auto accident and increasing work productivity by being virtually connected to their employers. A smart decision indeed and probably should be done more often than not…

One of our clients did get rear-ended on that snowy morning drive to work and chose the best approach to the incident by managing the situation calmly, gathering the necessary insurance information, contact phone numbers, address and so on as it was a minor accident and the vehicles were still drivable. Our client got an estimate for $1076 for the repairs and the responsible party paid for the bill. Everyone was happy and the insurance companies did not get involved and the situation was resolved amicably. This is a perfect scenario with rational minds and calm spirits that prevailed to a very cost effective solution.

However, some of our insuring public see this as an opportunity to take advantage of an already over stressed auto insurance system under attack by exaggerated claims and use these situations for their own personal gain. Take a look for yourself on the video below and visit our industry website at www.ibc.ca to educate yourself and be encouraged to seek more plausible means of minimizing these minor mishaps by working together to the common good for our brothers and sisters.

Being part of the solution saves us money and benefits us all.

Think smart and Drive safe!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

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