First Line of Defense

This is a testimonial of IBMG’s “First Line of Defence” initiative on water damage claims. The client called in a panic with water escaping from the walls and not knowing where it was coming from and damaging flooring and flooding a basement. The client did not have any where to turn to but to her insurance broker for direction and advice. We calmed the client down as much as we could and called Luc Lambert of Puroclean for emergency assistance.

Mr. Lambert was able to mitigate the damages and assess and fix the damages that could have skyrocketed to thousands of dollars to a mere $500 which the insured paid out of pocket instead of filling a claim with their insurance company. This saved our industry loss ratios and protected the client from another claim that they also had for water damage a couple years ago.

This situation and this example is critical in our offering and our service deliveries and our model at IBMG to become the most proactive insurance brokerage in the business and protecting our clients from increased premiums and restrictive coverages.

Luc Lambert is totally committed to all of our claims and is able to respond in any emergency situation and to provide on site guidance and management in all situations. His representation of IBMG is paramount to minimize our claims exposure and mitigate loss for our clients.

Please take a moment to review the assessment report and experience the professionalism that is consistent with our platform. The managing of our claims in house before it goes to the insurance company is our “First Line of Defence”.

Our commitment to excellence is our core value and Luc delivers that for us.

Think first and manage your risk!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

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