Hello, my neighbour!

I am sure you have all heard the jingle “Like a Good Neighbour (Fill in the blank) is Here” well you may ask what is the difference. As an independent insurance broker we have access to a number of markets to make sure we shop your insurance with the best possible market for you at the best price point. The approach is on teamwork where you our valued customer work in tandem with us to develop the ultimate insurance structure and coverage to meet your needs and manage your insurance risk.

Our personalized service is the key ingredient to develop a healthy relationship as your insurance advisor of choice on all of your insurance requirements including house, auto, business and life insurance. We will help you navigate these waters in time of need when there is a change in your circumstances or better yet when you need it most at the time of a mishap or claim on your policy.

Oh and by the way…we work long hours and we answer your calls on the first ring! And behold we return phone calls usually same day or within a few hours but our most endearing value is we are here to serve you! This is a BIG industry and insurance is like one of those things in life that you must have and need but do not want to talk about more often than not…we understand that and we strive to make that process as joyful as a summer morning…

So, there you go, an opportunity to Spring Clean your insurance with someone that will come right along side of you and seek to make this a beneficial experience for all of us or better yet drop by and have a coffee. We have a new Nespresso machine ready to go for you!

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